Palm Readings with Izaskun

With an understanding that all art stems from a deep understanding of self, including embracing our innate sensibility and intuition, Izaskun has recently integrated the practice of palmistry into the IZASKUN ZABALA story. She reads palms privately and virtually. 

Why Palmistry?

From an early age, Izaskun was fated to be a Palmist. She recalls the look and cadence of people’s hands, and now revisits those memories to make sense of one's disposition.

Pairing her passion for science with her devotional character, Palmistry allows Izaskun to decipher and interpret one’s character in a way that both liberates and guides her clients. Palm reading is a conversation, an intimate yet subtle dialogue whereby Izaskun helps individuals make the most of their life by showing them how to approach opportunities, challenges and relationships with confidence and ease.

Learn more about Izaskun’s palm reading sessions here