Izaskun Zabala

Izaskun Zabala fine costume jewelry made in NYC benchwork jewelry making wax carving


Founded in 2013, IZASKUN ZABALA is a jewelry brand designed by Izaskun Zabala in her Brooklyn home studio. Created with the intention of balancing classic sophistication with a cutting edge twist, Izaskun’s designs are meant to travel with you wherever life leads - each piece is an everyday statement.

Built on a framework of fine art, IZASKUN ZABALA marries her interest in mythology and the cosmos with design elements inspired by life’s constant search for beauty, its all encompassing force in our lives, and the way it presses us to feel. This energy informs IZASKUN ZABALA ’s sculptural and delicate point of view, further emphasized by the impeccable craftsmanship apparent in every piece. Izaskun is committed to using ethically sourced materials.


Izaskun Zabala designer portrait

Izaskun’s eye for spatial composition was nurtured while growing up in the Basque Country, where her playgrounds were well known artists’ studios. She studied Fine Arts in Dublin, Ireland, developing her skills in different mediums such as clay sculpture, wood, painting, and photography. Izaskun moved to New York to pursue jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she was awarded the Elsa Peretti Scholarship by Tiffany & Co. She later earned a degree in Business.

Izaskun was a designer for Stella & Dot and nOir prior to launching her own line in 2013 with the goal of creating accessories that adorn today’s woman, who is aware of trends but has a distinctive personal style.

With an understanding that all art stems from a deep understanding of self, including embracing our innate sensibility and intuition, Izaskun has recently integrated the practice of palmistry into the IZASKUN ZABALA story. She reads palms privately and at events around NYC.

Learn more about Izaskun’s creative process in the video below.


“I am driven by a passion for wearable art with a modern yet timeless design that translates my sense of beauty into physical form. Growing up, I cultivated a strong interest in craftsmanship in general, from hand sewing hair accessories to being a tattoo artist. I developed a passion for working with my hands, as I consider them my most precious tools. Coincidentally, my name, Izaskun, means ‘star in the hand’. Living in New York allows me to meet and interact with people from all backgrounds within a context that prioritizes the visual arts, including sculpture, photography, painting, fashion, and architecture. Designing alongside such talent nurtures my artistic passion and refines both my creative and personal evolution as a woman and an entrepreneur.”

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