Izaskun Zabala during a hand reading session in her palmistry practice.
Hand analysis map for palmistry.
Izaskun Zabala during a hand reading session in her palmistry practice.
Map for hand analysis in palmistry.
Izaskun Zabala during a hand reading session in her palmistry practice.
Izaskun Zabala during a hand reading session in her palmistry practice.
Hand analysis map for palmistry.
Izaskun Zabala during a hand reading session in her palmistry practice.
Map for hand analysis in palmistry.
Izaskun Zabala during a hand reading session in her palmistry practice.

Palmistry Session

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Palmistry is a science and an universal language. Over thousands of years, we looked at the markings and shapes of hands correlating the information found with specific personality traits and life events. Over time, the laws of palmistry were formulated.

Your hand serves as a guide and reflects how you are doing in many areas of your life: the inner sources you have to work with, where you seem to be heading, and where you need improvement. The hands change as we authentically change our character patterns; the lines are formed after our mental archetypes.

Izaskun’s compassionate and intuitive nature, found a voice with palmistry. Through her dedication, she guides individuals to make the most out of their lifes, approaching opportunities, challenges and relationships with confidence and ease.

Izaskun studied palmistry in New York City with Ellen Goldberg, a well known palmist, psychotherapist, mystic, astrologer and tarot reader.

Izaskun is currently doing virtual 60 min hand readings. Upon booking, a follow up email with image directions is sent to you. Sessions can be conducted in English, Spanish or French. You will receive the video recording of the live call and are invited to consult Izaskun if any questions arise in the future.

Corporate clients include: Man Repeller, Bloomingdale's , Anthropologie and Dolce Vita.

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*Online bookings are valid for six months. Your session will expire if not scheduled within six months from the date of purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
A Deeply Insightful and Empowering Palmistry Session with Izaskun

Izaskun's palmistry session was insightful and transformative. Her expertise in interpreting the lines of my hands provided clear and accurate guidance. She connected personally, making complex concepts easy to understand and relevant to my life. The follow-up resources she provided have been invaluable. I highly recommend Izaskun for anyone interested in deepening self-awareness and personal growth.

Hello Glen,
Our session was another re affirmation of the truth essence our hands carry and translate. When preparing for it, I was very curious even got to doubt myself about my delivery, but our conversation was nevertheless powerful and constructive.
Thank you very much for taking time and leaving a review, I truly appreciate it!
I cannot wait to see how your next chapter develops. Stay in touch :)

A Heartfelt Thank You to Izaskun

Dear Izaskun,

I can't thank you enough for your kindness and expertise during our session. Your guidance and insights were truly invaluable to me. I feel incredibly grateful and fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from you, and I'm already looking forward to our next session in the future.

I've always been curious about palmistry, especially because I have a simian line on one hand. However, I never actively pursued it, partly due to skepticism. But fate intervened when I discovered, through our shared passion for jewellery crafting, that you are also a palm reader. It felt like the perfect chance, and I couldn't pass it up.

You revealed some profound insights about me during our session, things that have deepened my understanding of myself. The fact that you recorded the session was incredibly helpful. Watching it again with my husband allowed me to absorb your words even more deeply, and I've been able to reflect on your advice and how to incorporate it into my life.

Thank you, Izaskun, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me and the world. I will always cherish my first palm reading experience and carry your words close to my heart.

Warm regards,

Dear Ivana, I am reading your beautiful and meaningful review.
My heart warms up with gratitude for your words. It is such an honor to know the language of the hands and share deep conversations.
Thank YOU for taking the time to write these insights. Much Love dear, see you at the bench! <3

An Inspiring & Beautiful Experience

This was my first experience with palmistry.

The session was such an inspiring and beautiful experience for me. It left me wanting the next day to rewatch the entire session and make notes and absorb everything.

It was personal, deep and an entire journey. It really felt like that! It also gave me clarity on where I am heading.

I recommend it to everyone! :)

Dear Miruna,
Thank you. I truly enjoyed the session with you and being able to decipher the message that your hands have to say about you! I am excited to see your potential fully develop in the near future. Do please keep in touch! <3

Looking forward to working with Izaskun again!

Receiving a palm reading from Izaskun was an absolute pleasure.
Her energy was warm and comforting from the beginning. She patiently walked me through the basics of palmisty before diving in, which I really appreciated. I learned so much about the shapes and symbols in my hands and how that relates to who I am today, as well as the gifts I was born with.
It is clear Izaskun has studied palmistry for a long time; she is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in her readings.
Could not recommend her enough.

Dear Sarah,
The pleasure is all mine! I am honored and grateful to have powerful conversations with people from all over the world that are going through deep life changing events.
The addition of knowing your date of birth, offers to learn your Kin or galactic signature in the 13 Moon calendar. This is no coincidence the information complemented the session with further understanding.
Wishing you all the best, please be in touch!

I highly recommend working with her- whether it's taking a class, or booking a palm reading

I took an Intro to Palmistry class with Iza, and it was amazing. She's a wonderful teacher, and her love for palmistry was evident from the moment she started speaking. She's welcoming and engaging and presents complex ideas and principles clearly, and in a way that makes you want to learn more. Her mastery of the knowledge and skill set that it takes to successfully read palms is truly impressive.

I was also fortunate to book a palm reading with her. The depth of insight and information that she was able to distill from studying my hands blew me away. She helped give context to certain patterns that I'd been seeing in my life, while also offering wisdom and inspiration around areas for which I was seeking guidance.

I highly recommend working with her- whether it's taking a class, or booking a palm reading.

Dear Amanda, thank you so much for writing a review.
I am thrilled to hear how much you enjoyed my palmistry workshop in NY! To be honest, it was my first time teaching a 4 hour long class and I was quite nervous! And then the private session with you was truly special. Thank you for your trust and sharing. I wish you all the very best in your new chapter.
With Love, Izaskun.