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Jewelry & Palmistry

Izaskun Zabala is a handcrafted jewelry brand and palmistry practice by Basque designer and palmist Izaskun Zabala.

Our pieces are inspired by the world around us - the natural forces with which we live, the influences of mithology and the unique creations of the cosmos.

Designed and manufactured ethically in rural Spain, we create high-quality jewelry centered on craft, feminine energy, and mysticism.

Palmistry was integrated into the Izaskun Zabala story after Izaskun devoted years of study and recognised this practice as a powerful tool for a deep understanding of self.

Our Ethos

Since 2019, each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in our studio located in rural Spain. Our casting process is made in Córdoba, cradle of jewelry in Spain since 2nd century AD.

We finish and ship all jewelry after a rigurous quality control, so you can be sure you are buying a product made to last while supporting artisanal work and independent design.

Meet Izaskun

Meaning “star in the hand” I was always destined to work with/around hands.

I grew up in the Basque Country, a land of mystical creatures and deep connection to the earth. My eye for spatial composition was nurtured since an early age: my parents socialized with artists and brought me along to art openings, studios and performances. 

I moved to New York to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I was awarded the Elsa Peretti Scholarship for Excellence in Jewelry Design given by the Tiffany & Co. Foundation. I later earned a degree in Business and a Creative Enterprise Ownership diploma.

In 2013, after loosing my full-time designer job, I launched Izaskun Zabala Jewelry from my bedroom in Brooklyn. Six months later, my work was selling nationwide at Lou & Grey, Ann Taylor’s new concept store.

That same year, my analytical and intuitive nature, found a voice with palmistry. Through study and dedication, not only I embrace my unique essence, but I guide individuals to make the most out of their lives reading their hands.

I studied palmistry in New York with Ellen Goldberg, a well known palmist, psychotherapist, mystic, astrologer and tarot reader.

When I create, I am inspired by what is coming to me through the ethereal and the unseen, I don’t necessarily go out and seek it. I am very passionate about creating meaningful pieces of jewelry with precious materials to empower your precious self.

Our value

Ever wanted to own a bespoke piece? We want to help you create your most valuable jewel! Write us to schedule your *free* consultation here.

We also invite you to visit the shop to find the perfect gift for a loved one (or your precious self!), and learn about Izaskun’s palmistry sessions.

And if you want to know more about how our jewelry is made, what inspires the brand and Izaskun’s palmistry practice, find us on instagram @izaskunzabala


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